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Frais généraux Crane Girder Type Two Box de déplacement de la poutre A8 500T 100KN de double de LDY

Quantité de commande min : 1PC Prix : Negotiation
Détails d'emballage : Paquet standard d'exportation. Délai de livraison : 30days
Conditions de paiement : T/T, L/C, Western Union Capacité d'approvisionnement : 5000 ensembles/ensembles par an
Lieu d'origine: Henan, Chine (continent) Nom de marque: KUANGYUAN
Certification: CE GOST ISO Numéro de modèle: LDY

Détail Infomation

Max.LiftingLoad: 3-500Ton Nom de produit: Grue 50ton 10ton de Crane Feature Double Girder Overhead de pont prix de 20 tonnes
Caractéristique: Grue de pont WorkingDuty: A5~A8
certification: GOST CE ISO Levage évalué: 100KN
Type de poutre: Boîte deux

100KN Overhead Travelling Crane


500T Overhead Travelling Crane


A8 Foundry Crane

Description de produit

High Quality Double Girder Travelling Crane System 20/5 ton Overhead Crane Price

Electrical panel:
Modular design, easy installation and maintenance, reliable operation, no circuit fuses, cabling and compact terminals. Motor overload protection to prevent overload
If there is a control cabin, it can be equipped with an air conditioner and a simple and convenient control panel.
Precise helical / spur gears and gears of 250 to 350 BHN hardness, made of carbon alloy steel, smooth operation and long service life, can be equipped with high quality gearbox

Casting Crane is one of the main equipments in the continuous casting technology of steelmaking. It is mainly used for pouring melted iron from additive bay of converter to converter; lifting molten steel from refining bay to refining furnace or lifting molten steel from molten steel bay to ladle turret of continuous casting machine.

The overall structure of foundry crane has the following forms: two girders and two rail, four girders and four rails, and four girder and six rail, etc. The form of two girder and two rail, four girder and four rail, are mainly used for middle and large-tonnage foundry crane; the form of four-girder and six-rail and two trolley is mainly used for extra large-tonnage foundry crane.


Frais généraux Crane Girder Type Two Box de déplacement de la poutre A8 500T 100KN de double de LDY 0



1. Heavy duty double beam overhead steel factory crane .
2. Special used in steel plant.
3. Smooth starting and stopping.
4. Safe and reliable traveling, long life.
5. Heat-resistant electrical equipment and wiring.

6. Crane drive: IP54 or IP44, level F insulation

7. High quality with competitive price.


Lifting weight(t) 5 10   16/3.2 20/5 32/5 50/10 74/20
Span(m) 10.5~31.5
Max Lifting height(m) 16 16 Main hook 16 12 16 12 22



18 14 18 16 24
Working class A6  



Hoisting 15.5 10.4 Main 10.7 9.8 7.8 7.8 6.1
Auxiliary 14.6 15.5 15.5 10.4 9.7


of crab

37.2 43.8   44.6 44.6 42.4   33.8


of trolley

92. 7


92. 7



  76/89 76/89




75/76.6 67.3



Hoisting 15 22 Main hook 37 45 55 75 90
Auxiliary 11 15 15 22 37


of crab

1.5 2.2   3.7 3.7 7.5 11 15


of trolley





  2*7.5/2*11 2*7.52*11 2*11




Steel track


trolley 18kg/m 24kg/m 43kg/m
crane 43kg/m 43kg/m or QU70 QU70 QU80 QU100
Power source 3P A.C 50Hz 380V




Main Product



Henan Mine Crane meet the demand factory, workshop, port, mining, waste disposal, goods scattered, petrochemical, aerospace, military and other industries of universal bridge crane, overhead crane price 20 ton 5ton, eot crane, door crane, universal gantry crane, rubber tyre and rail mounted container gantry crane, four link type portal crane, quayside container crane, crane, crane hook, mining grab crane, gantry crane, ship loader, grab bucket ship unloader, stacker reclaimer, dredger, mobile platforms and other types of hydraulic crane.







We have passed CE, GOST, SGS, and OHSAS & ISO9001:2000 international quality control, ISO14001:1996 environmentand ISO9001:2001 health and safety certifications. We have a perfect quality-control system, a strict management system, and strong production capability and advanced testing measures to ensure the high production and high quality.

Frais généraux Crane Girder Type Two Box de déplacement de la poutre A8 500T 100KN de double de LDY 2


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